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Backlink Checker Utility

Backlink Checker Utility
Backlink Checker Utility
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Application description

Backlink Checker utility is the reliable link-monitoring tool that efficiently checks the back link (also called inward or inbound or incoming link) status of the advertiser’s website on various publisher’s website. Backlink analyzer utility is an automatic link tracker utility that saves the time of manual link checking of the created advertiser’s website profiles and thus proves to be a best alternate for other expensive and complex link checker tools.

Software Features

  • Professional, reliable and fast back link analyzer tool.
  • Helps to evaluate website popularity over the global internet network.
  • Great time and money saver link analyzer as it is affordable and works automatically.
  • Can be easily operated even by layman without any technical assistance because of highly interactive graphical user interface and easy-to-follow help manual.

Functionality of Software

  • Analyze the backlink status of advertiser’s website on publisher’s website.
  • Check the backlink status of multiple advertisers’ websites created profiles at a time.
  • Generates backlink status report in HTML or TXT format for future reference.
  • Inform the user at specified email-id if the website link status not found, link removed or advertiser’s page not displayed on publisher’s site.